General InformationEdit

  • Weapon damage modifier. Increases damage with Chaos upgrade path.
  • Increases damage with specific pyromancies.
  • Increase Item Discovery Rate.
  • Increase Curse Resistance.
  • Increases all defenses.


Humanity can be picked up off of enemies in solid or loose form.
Humanity can be purchased in solid form.
Humanity is added to the summation of stat points when determining all defenses. Therefore, more humanity directly equals more defense.
Humanity can be spent at a bonfire to revive to human form or kindle the bonfire.
Human form is required in order to summon or to invade. It is not required in order to be summoned, i.e. post a soul sign. Humanity's rarity reduces and limits the frequency of cooperative and competitive multiplayer interactions.
Defeating bosses does not automatically result in the attainment of additional humanity. Therefore, defeating bosses does not generally equate to the ability to revive to human form as in Demon's Souls - unless you defeat the boss as a summoned blue/white phantom, in which case, humanity is obtained.

Using HumanityEdit

Humanity in "loose form" is collected as an increase to your humanity stat point, shown in the upper left corner of your HUD as well as on your character stats screen. These stat points, besides having the benefits noted above, can be spent at a bonfire to revive to human form or kindle a bonfire to increase the number of Estus Flasks received when resting at that bonfire. Any unused Humanity stat points carried by the player are lost with any souls upon death and can be retrieved from your bloodstain with your souls.

Humanity in "solid form" is collected or purchased as a consumable that will appear in your item inventory. These consumables are not lost upon death and, when used, are converted to Humanity in "loose form" as an increase to your Humanity stat. Solid form Humanity consumables can not be used directly to revive to human form or to kindle a bonfire - they must be used from the item menu to obtain a resulting Humanity stat point, which can then be spent.